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Friendsvow Inc
Investment Platform
3 Nov 2011
English, French, German, Edo, Bini, or Beni, Ewe, Hausa, Ibibio or Efik, Ibo or Igbo

Friendsvow Incorporated is a social financial technology platform, the Internet Bank of Financial Credit Powered by Blockchain Technology, using the African system of community credit, we have been able to perfect a system and process of community and cooperative credit, that makes it possible for anyone to a create a line of credit with Friends, family, colleague, Peers and Cooperative Associations, Our Algorithm using the Blockchain Technology Ensures that no one can defaults on repayment of this line of credit.

Connecting People with Financial Credit, Transaction processing – Differentiation between personal, groups and business accounts–Personal accounts are free; they can only do what other users in a regular social network platforms can do.
- Group accounts will be charged 1.5% + 15cents per transactions
- Business/premier accounts are charged 2.00% of incoming funds +30 cents per transaction
- Advertisement from companies, NGOs, Organizations who wants to draw attention to their causes, celebrities who wants to their projects to be contributed towards.
- Easy transition & use of existing infrastructure
Our Competitive Advantages:
1. No Interest rates, 2. Cash is Guaranteed when Due.3. Unlimited mode of application, 4. Paying yourself an overdraft way bigger than any bank might give you is honestly, unquantifiable.

We provide STARTUPS, Entrepreneur, Students access to Financial credit easily, instead of waiting for angel investors that are not available in Africa easily, we make it possible for these startups to engage their Friends, family and colleaques on projects that they need Finance on and then we ensure that will be able to raise these finance from those they trust and we also ensure that no one can default on repayment of these credits that they get

Idea, Product/Prototype/MVP, Go to market

Startups, Entrepreneurs or anyone that needs access to credit will come on our platform and they will create a group or join an existing group, then they choose a plan Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly Plan with this they will then invite Friends, Family and colleaques to Join their group and start creating credit with them


This is an online platform that any Small Business or Entrepreneur can create a profile and start creating a line of credit immediately

18 years and above, Have a Bank account and verifiable profiles.

$50K - $100K, $100 - $250K, $250 - $500

This is an Investment Platform that connects people with access to investment using existing offline models, so its not a typical investment platform as such

Colyns Ehys
Emmanuel Iyobwoya
Mark Mishael