Mall for Africa is connecting African consumers To Global Retail Stores

By Start.Space

MallforAfrica is the only e-commerce platform in Africa that provides access to UK stores and US directly. The platform has over 8.5 billion items for sale from over 150 UK and US stores. Some of the retailers include Amazon, Carters, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Topshop UK, Barneys, Footlocker, Sports Direct, M&S, Bloomingdale’s, J. Crew, among others.

In recent years, e-Commerce has rapidly grown across Africa. In 2016, Geo-poll conducted a survey that showed that e-commerce makes up one to three per cent of Gross Domestic Product in seven Sub Saharan African countries. The survey also predicted that e-commerce will make up 10 per cent of total retail sales in key markets by 2025, with 40 per cent annual growth over the next 10 years. South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are the leading countries in online shopping in sub-Saharan Africa.

MallforAfrica provides Africans a platform through which to purchase items directly from international online retailers – companies that, otherwise, would be inaccessible to the African population. Customers can place and pay for their orders through the company’s web or mobile App. They then pay for the goods directly, after which the items are delivered to a MallforAfrica warehouse in the US or UK. From there, the company ships the merchandise to Africa. Customers can choose for home delivery, or to pick up their products at MallforAfrica’s experiential Centre at the Mirage in Westlands, Nairobi. The entire process takes 10 to 15 days.

Recent Milestones

The e-commerce and m-commerce giant has launched an African expansion plan in the last two years, and the platform is now available in Angola, Chad, Guinea, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Kenya. The platform has expanded in 17 African countries and is seeking to tap into the African market to enable Africans access international stores with ease.

Last year, the start-up has expanded its operations to Kenya, following a growing demand by Kenyans to buy from leading retailers in the UK and US. ‘’A growing number of Kenyan consumers have been ordering goods through our platform and it makes sense for us to set up our second base in Nairobi,’’ noted MallforAfrica Country Manager, Kenya, Naomi Konditi-Kivuvani during the official launch of their offices in Nairobi.

Recent Activities in Kenya

Since its launch in Kenya last year, MallforAfrica has partnered with over 250 international stores from the US and the UK. In Kenya, consumers are able to pay for their favourite items using local payment solutions including MPESA and local cards. In addition, MallforAfrica provide returns, refunds and exchange services and round-the-clock order tracking for their consumers.

They have also recently launched their platform to Mombasa residents in a bid to tap into the high demand of consumers looking to access international stores virtually through the site. The move will now allow Mombasa residents to shop for their favourite items online through MallforAfrica platform granting them access to leading international stores in the US and UK such as Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Zara, SportsDirect which initially were not readily available to them.

The platform will also allow businesses owners and small and medium business (SMEs) in the Coastal region to get supplies from leading retailers through the site. Speaking during the launch of the platform, MallforAfrica’s Country Manager- Kenya, Mrs Naomi Konditi-Kivuvani said that the move to launch the service to Mombasa residents would open up opportunities not only for businesses seeking genuine supplies but also for individuals looking to access items through brand international stores not readily available in the country.

“Initially, we were not able to serve Mombasa residents and they had to either come to Nairobi themselves or send friends and relatives to have their items delivered to them. Through our unique platform, they are now able to order and purchase items of their choice from the comfort of their homes with the peace of mind that the items will be delivered directly to them safely, quickly and efficiently,” added Mrs Konditi-Kivuvani.

The platform is available on Google play store, IOS and Android and works best on Chrome Desktop.


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